Réseau Européen Droit & Société/European Network on Law and Society

European Network on Law and Society

" We are a number who fought against Kelsen, Duguit et Weyr's scientific explanation. We made for various reasons and with very similar arguments. We proclamed against our precursors' approach becauses it leads to purety whilst we were merging in the name of its "impurity". Indeed, our research taught us that law is a historical, cultural and social as much as a logical phenomenon ".
(Revue Droit et Société, 1, 1985, p. 11).

RED&S aims to gather everybody

  • wishing
    • to analyze Law in its social framework,
    • to break with University routines,
    • to unbalkanize academic territories,
    • to link research and practice,
    • to study Law and Society through complexity,
    • to examine Law at a local, a national and a global level,
    • to give priority to comparison, firstly between European Laws,
    • to promote legal cultures and especially the cultures of the French-speaking
  • people among the international scientific community.

Vous pouvez participer au réseau, vous abonner à la lettre du RED&S, nous informer de vos publications


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